Concierge Services


I Can Assist You With The Following Regarding Your Property:

*Tailored & Made According To The Needs Of The Customers.

❖Spare Keys Cut.

❖Preparing Your Property By Cleaning It Thoroughly.

❖Welcome Book/Tenant Folder Instructions.

❖Regular Property Inspection.

❖Essential Repairs/Improvements.

❖Open And Airing The Property.

❖Close All Shutters/Windows And Secure Properly.

*Coordination With Third Party Service Providers & Partners (If required)

☑FREE no obligation key holding service.

☑Post collection and forwarding.

☑Bill Payments (community charges, EAC, water supply, etc)

☑Housekeeping, Bedlinen, towels, carpet and launderette cleaning.

☑Car routine service, wash and repair.

☑Reservation for dinners, car rental, hotel, taxi service etc.

☑Cleaning prior to the arrival of the tenants, owners, family members or friends.

☑First day provisions.

☑Meet & Greet service.