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At Emerald Empire, we believe you would rather be swimming in your pool than cleaning it. A clean, functional pool is something that everyone will enjoy.

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Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Emerald Empire

Emerald Empire is managed by a Certified Pool Operator who has the knowledge, techniques, and skills to always keep your pool pristine and clear. When you choose us, you will take advantage of the many benefits of pool maintenance. We will service your pool area weekly. In this agreement, we will handle the chemicals and balancing. Also, let us do the pool cleaning so you are sure that you have professionals to target the important areas in your pool. We also maintain Salt Water Systems and handle pool automation control panels.

Description of what's included:

‣ Brush waterline and vacuum entire pool
‣ Catching any debris from the pool surface
‣ Empty out skimmer and pump baskets
‣ Backwash/rinse main filter (if required)
‣ Visual check all equipment to ensure its functioning properly
‣ Add shock, algaecide and chlorine tabs (if required)
‣ Water chemical analysis
‣ Add required balancing chemicals based on the results of the water test taken from the previous visit
‣ Temperature check
‣ Seasonal adjustment of the timer switch
‣ Check and maintain water level (updating tenant/owner)
‣ Descale Salt Cell Chlorinator (Salt Pools)
‣ Filling post cleaning report

Your swimming pool is a luxurious structure in your home. It adds aesthetics to your property especially when it is clean and well-maintained.

Additionally, we can provide Monthly Garden Maintenance & Concierge Services. Partnerships with third party service providers are an especially valuable tool for us at Emerald Empire.

Emerald Empire team aim to create lasting relationships with our customers by offering the finest personal service in Paphos and understand that to continually achieve this we need to be reliable, honest and provide a unique level of customer service.

Certified & Trained

By hiring a professional, you can rest assured that your pool will be in good hands.

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Exclusively Served by a Certified Pool Operator who is responsible for the overall maintenance and operation of your backyard oasis!


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What Our Customers Say...

Ксениос – сертифицированный специалист. Занимается нашим бассейном в Хлораке последние 3 года, жалоб от арендаторов AirBnB никогда не было.

Дмитрий Кузнецов

This company is amazing, reliable, knowledgeable and efficient. Definitely highly recommended.

Toyah Bothma

Professional, good communication, reasonable price, ideal pool butler, recommended!

Steven Zhou

He is maintaining our pool to the highest standards of water quality and cleanliness.

Yeva Filchuk

Zenios has done such a good job for us! He’s remarkably reliable and punctual.

Wenda William

My pool and garden look great thanks to you and your work, and my dogs are always happy to see you. Thnk you very much and only good clients

Victoria Emelyanovich

The Pool Cleaner here is doing an awesome job in our villa at Konia.

Evgeny Kuznetsov

We appreciate your efforts and look forward to a long term relationship with your services. Chloraka

Stephen Andrew

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for giving such good care to our pool in Venus rock!

Alexander S.

Always had wonderful service and great communication. Keep up the great work. Will surely call you if I have a new pool.

Robby William

We have been very pleased with their service, reliability and customer service.

Anderson A.

Very fortunate for me and my family that we were able to have this company maintain our pool as well as our gardens very responsibly and professionally.

Bo Yang

Πολύ καλή εξυπηρέτηση, συνεπής, αξιόπιστος και επαγγελματίας. Τον συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα!!

Νεοφύτου Φ.